Medical statistics made easy
Medical statistics made easy
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Medical statistics made easy

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📊 Are you tired of feeling lost in the maze of biostatistics? 😵‍💫 Have you ever wished for an easy-to-understand guide to get through it effortlessly? 🙏

🚀 Introducing: "Master Biostatistics - Unravel the Secrets" - Your ultimate survival guide to navigating the complex world of biostatistics! 📚

✅ As a fellow student who once struggled with medical statistics, I've created this book to shorten your learning curve and make your journey through biostatistics enjoyable! 🎉



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1️⃣ Master the four types of data and significant descriptive statistical terms in no time! ⏰

2️⃣ Test hypotheses confidently and accurately for any study! 💡

3️⃣ Easily decide which parametric or non-parametric test to choose for specific tasks! 🧠

4️⃣ Effortlessly interpret crucial terms like sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive value! 🌐

5️⃣ Finally understand the core concepts of medical statistics and feel like a pro! 🥇



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📉 You might struggle with finding the correct statistical test for your research and get lost in the sea of university textbooks. 📚 🔮 Hypothesis testing could remain a mystery with confusing H-s and p-s! ❓ 🤔 You won't be sure about what crucial medical terms mean, like a 12 mmol/l CRP concentration with a 90% negative predictive value. 😖

🎁 This book not only covers essential theoretical knowledge of medical statistics but also includes six short YouTube videos to enrich your learning experience! 📺

💯 Medical statistics made easy - because statistics CAN be fun! 😎

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